MAMANE NOUHOU Aminou, is a student at the University Institute of Technology of the University of Zinder from 2014 to 2017, holds a University degree in Technology in Health Safety Environment (HSE) and a Professional Degree in Environmental Management. He directs the Association Tous Ensemble for Better Education in Niger (ATEME / Niger) .Based in the region of Zinder, the Association ATEME / NIGER aims to give more to Niger education. In two years of existence the association ATEME / Niger rewards the best students from underprivileged backgrounds. Thus from 2016-2018 more than a hundred students were rewarded in the regions of Maradi, Zinder and with many projects in sight.

A man, a vision, a commitment.
When asked why he chose to defend education, he replied: « You will agree with me that education is the foundation of a nation’s development. And that no country without a good education has no future. After some observations on the Nigerian education system; it should be noted that there is a remarkable drop in levels. From there I asked myself a number of questions, including: What can I bring to my country as a young person with a chance to study? What can I do to contribute to a good education synonymous with starting a development process? Through these questions, I thought why not group my friends in the breasts of an association; this is in short the reason for the creation of the Association ATEME / Niger. But beyond all social action is part of my nature and saving Nigerian education is a dream first and foremost.  »

A strategist, wise.
Limited in his actions by the lack of means, he is well known by the authorities of his locality and also by the focal points of the international institutions, through contributions of the members of the association, the contribution of the partners, Aminou gives the will smile to the children of Niger. To the question: View the state of education in Niger are you aware that everything will be better? If so how of the Association All Together for a Better Education in Niger intends to accompany the Nigerian State, he answers with a strong conviction: « Of course it will be better inchallah, we are already working on it. Especially that there is a real real awareness on the part of us young people. First of all, to realize that young people are not going and it is imperative to act, to be involved and voluntarily to support the efforts of the government and development partners. What ATEME / Niger is doing today is already a first step for the emergence of a country like Niger. Be sure that we are all going to reinvigorate education in Niger and we are not proving it with theories but the images are there in every region where we go. It is an opportunity to thank the partners who believe in us and support us, of course our hands are tense for new contributions and support. «